Are you doing agriculture business in Ooty?

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Are you doing agriculture business in Ooty?

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OOTY Varkey to get G1 tag

Ooty Varkey, the baked delicacy synonymous with the Nilgiris, is all set to get the prestigious Geographical Indications (GI) tag. A society of its manufacturers has recently submitted an application in the city GI registry seeking the tag. 

India, as member of the WTO, enacted the GI Act in 1999 which came into effect in September 2003. The GI tag is given to a product to indicate its specific geographical location or point of origin. The tag ensures none other than those authorised are allowed to use the product name. 

The popular snack, which traces its history to the Raj, is distinct to the Nilgiri district. It is made from a mixture of flour, sugar, salt and mava (a mix of home-made yeast comprising banana, rava or semolina, maida or flour, and sugar). It gets its distinct taste from the water used to prepare the mix and the climatic conditions of the Nilgiris. The varkey mix is baked in a firewood oven on moderate heat. The entire process, from preparing the dough mix to baking, takes around 12 hours. The product, which has a sweet and spicy variant, has to be consumed within 20 days. 

According to the application submitted by the Ooty Varkey Producers Welfare Association, the British, who had been residing in the Nilgiris, made their own snacks which included mostly biscuits, cakes and cookies. A new snack, similar to a cookie, was made in Ooty. The British ate this new cookie with their tea. 

After Independence, the product became an important item in the bakeries of Ooty, Coonoor, Kothagiri, Manjoor and Gudalur. The production and sales also increased substantially. 

"In spite of attempts made by the bakeries down in plains, the varkey made in those places does not have the same taste," the application said adding, "over the years its popularity has been growing from domestic and foreign tourists." 

The popular snack, which originated during the Raj, is made from a mixture of flour, sugar, salt and mava. The Ooty Varkey gets its taste from the water used to prepare the mix and the climate in the Nilgiris. 


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Industries in Ooty, Ooty Industries, Manufactures in Ooty

Ooty has lot of industries in and around it. Industries in Ooty includes hindustan photo flims, needle industries private limited, rallies India ltd, nilgiris district co-operative milk producers union ltd, hindustan unilever ltd, tansi watch assembly and many more industries. Apart from these there are 8 hydroelectrical projects in Ooty. It is also famous for wide range of small industries like chocolate, cheese, sericulture, eucalyptus oil extraction etc.
Ooty is located at an altitude of 2.240 m. Its temperature hover between 90 C to 190 C. This climate enables cultivation of varieties of roses and other flowers in wide range of colors. Flower cultivation is one of the famous business in Ooty. Flowers cultivated in Ooty is exported to many countries and they are used to trade in domestic markets. It is one of the most popular and profitable industry in Ooty and its surrounding area.

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Manufacturers in Ooty, Ooty Top Manufacturers, Manufacturing companies in Ooty

Ooty which is known as the Queen of hill stations is the Capital of Nilgris ,the blue mountains. Human Biologicals Institute has its manufacturing facility in Ooty and this division of IIL is engaged in human vaccine production. Using Vero cell line as a substrate it produces Rabies vaccine for human use. It has production capacity of 7.0 million doses per annum. An Indian based public sector, Hindustan Photo Films Manufacturing Company Limited (HPF) is also is present in Udhagamandalam. It manufactures photographic films, cine films, X-Ray films, graphic arts films, photographic paper, and chemistry.

Ooty, famously known for its a tourists spots in summer holidays is previously known as udhagamandalam. The Dotabetta, highest point in Tamilnadu is a unique mark of ooty. On the other side, the  tea manufacturers and the textile manufacturers are very famous in ooty.

The economy of ooty is mainly based on the Agriculture Manufacturers along with the manufacturers of medicines say herbs and the manufacturers of photo films. The tea manufacturers established their own trademark in the tea manufacturing industries. The “ooty tea” is placed at the first rated sale in the groceries list and they are still retaining their consistency. Especially, ooty is famous for its home made chocolates. The chocolate manufacturers in ooty are very brilliant in making the chocolates that attract the kids and everyone. It really outsmarts the brilliancy and the innovative skills of them. Notably,the cultivation of "English Vegetables" and "English Fruits" like  potato, carrot, cabbage and cauliflower and the fruits being peaches, plums, pears and strawberries are still an essence to their agriculture manufacturers.

Besides,the Garlic Manufacturers and potato Manufacturers have their presence in ooty. Diary farming has been registered their long presence in ooty  and there is a cooperative dairy in Ooty manufacturing cheese and skimmed milk powder. The Cottage industries in the area including chocolate, pickle manufacture and carpentry. Homemade chocolates are popular among the tourists and the locals. Bizbilla have wide range of ooty b2b manufacturers to outsmart  your business to the global b2b market place.